Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day – To give your lover all the love

International Women’s Day is coming, give your women who you love a great day with Mandarine’s special MENU. Enjoy a luxurious LUNCH MENU from 390,000 ++ / pax and DINNER MENU from 1.390.000++/pax.

When you come to Mandarine on this occasion, you will receive many offers as below:

For Lunch menu:

Group from 2 guests:

– Complimentary Mocktail

– Greeting Cards

Group from 6 guests:

– Buy 6 get 1 free

– Complimentary Mocktail

– Greeting Cards

For Dinner Menu

+ Complimentary Sparkling Wine

+ Customized Flowers Bouquet

+ Decoration With Flowers & Candles

Women Day Dinner

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