Sweet Song Of Spring | Savor In The Unique Taste Of Tet Festival At Mandarine

Sweet Song of Spring menu

Coming in every spring, Tet Holiday is an occasion for all family members to have happy moments together at one table. Especially at Mandarine, your Lunar New Year banquet will be more meaningful and unforgettable with the tray of Tet – an icon of Vietnamese cuisines in our Tet’s Menu Sweet Song Of Spring, only 1.390.000 VND++/Pax.

In three regions, Northern Vietnamese cuisine is famous for its unique culinary: colorful and rich-flavored. Hence, from Hanoi to Mandarine, many delicacies for Tet celebrations will converge on 3 traditional trays as the best wishes to you: Spring Tray, Blessings Tray and Longevity Tray. Moreover, not only Chef’s secret recipe upgrade premium lobster and Australian beef to become the brand-new taste of Tet. But the special fruit tray and lotus tea also delight your mood when sharing each other stories about new year.

– Spring Tray:

+ Spring Rolls with Fresh Crab Meat & Herbs garden

+ Kohlrabi Salad & Apple Salad with Shredded Pork Belly

+ Honey Grilled Australian Beef Wrapped in Rice Flour Rolls

+ Traditional Spiny Bitter Gourd Soup with Shredded Chicken& Oyster Mushroom

– Blessings Tray:

+ Traditional Jellied Pork and Mushroom with Mixed Pickles

+ Stewed Fish with Sugar cane in hot clay pot

+ Steamed Nha Trang Lobster “Dragon” Style

+ Minced Pork & Shrimp Stuffed Bitter Melon Soup

+ Golden Apricot Blossom Fried Rice with Seafood

– Longevity Tray:

+ Spring Mandarin Orange

+ Lotus Tea & Traditional New Year Sweets & Jams

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Even better, Mandarine also brings in a new fantastic Menu “Sweet Song Of Spring” with iconic Tet dishes, more flavors with the best price 1.690.000 VND++/Pax.

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Tet only comes once, so from 15.01.2020 to 08.02.2020, why not take a break and invite family or dear friends to savor in this amazing Tet’s banquet in an ancient wooden house. Surely that comes to Mandarine during Tet Festival, you will be impressed with Vietnamese traditional dishes and ready to welcome good luck in 2020.

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