Tết Việt

Discover the traditional of Vietnamese Tết’s feast trays

Celebrate a warm and luxurious Tet with a menu combining many delicious specialties and experience the traditional culture of the Tet holiday through the menu “TET VIET” of Mandarine. The dishes displayed on the unique tray mean a blessing for a new year full of health and joy.

“TẾT VIỆT” Menu includes Happiness Tray, Everlasting Tray, Blessings Tray with attractive dishes like Steamed Lobster with Pork and Mushroom Dragon Style, Traditional Spiny Bitter Gourd Soup with Shrimp, Square Spring Rolls with Crab Meat… ready to cater visitor here during the Tet holidays from 21.01-14.02.2019.

Come to Mandarine on Tet holidays to enjoy the menu “TET VIET” with relatives and friends.

Menu Tết Việt

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