Welcome to Mandarine Restaurant

For over a decade, Mandarine restaurant has become the global recognition for Vietnamese cuisine
at its finest in both taste and style. With impeccable attention to interior details,
Mandarine provides a fine dining ambiance like no other.

Our Design

Luxurious and elegant dining ambience set in Vietnamese traditional décor

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Our Cuisine

Sourcing only fresh & top quality ingredients, our cuisine captivates the finest of Vietnamese cuisine

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Our Achievement

An awarded restaurant and a dining destination for global leaders & VIPs when visiting Vietnam

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Our Gallery


Nữ Doanh Nhân
Mandarine Appears In The Magazine & Website Of BusinessWoman Magazine

Mandarine is honored to appear in the paper magazine and website of BusinessWoman Magazine [...]

Mandarine Restaurant-Celebrating Vietnamese Tradition

When it comes to celebrating Vietnamese tradition, Mandarine restaurant is unique among others. This [...]


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