7 Ingredients | Boost The Enery In Mandarine’s High Quality & Healh Care Banquet

Mandarine 7 Ingredients menu

For a long time, Vietnamese cuisine is famous for its elegance flavors & very nutrient-richness. Hence from 17th February, Mandarine has researched and created a significant Health Care Menu “7 Ingredients” with rare herbs, spices & fungus to boost the immune system, improve health and increase longevity.
Understanding that “good food is good health”, Mandarine Chef cleverly combines the nutritious ingredients (fresh salmon, Australian Beef, Nha Trang lobster) with the natural antibiotic spices, fruit & flower: garlic, lemongrass, nori, artichoke & orange into 6 healthy dishes:

  • Nori Spring Roll With Salmon & Cream Cheese
  • Stir-fried Asparagus With Phan Thiet Scallop In Oyster Sauce
  • Orange & Da Lat Water Celery Salad with Honey Roasted Chicken
  • Grilled Lemongrass Australian Beef on Hot Stone with Local Herbs & Rice Paper
  • Grilled Nha Trang Lobster With Garlic
  • Baby Corn Fried Rice with Fresh Vegetables In Pineapple

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Even better, Double Boiled Artichoke Soup with Fresh Cordyceps & Lotus Seeds, Wolfberries with 17 kinds of amino acids, vitamins from an invaluable herbal medicine – Cordyceps will become a highlight appetize to bring many health benefits: prevent diseases, slow the aging process and protect against cancer for your health. In addition, enjoying Banana Flambé with Coconut Ice Cream can also blow your mood up & maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Only 1,250,000VND++/Pax, let invite your dear family or friends to come and open the key to a good life with all healthy recipes in Mandarine’s wooden house.

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