Explore Hanoi Culture At Mandarine Restaurant

If Saigon is a sophisticated and sophisticated lady, Hanoi is somewhat more elegant and calm.

As well as a cradle of Vietnamese culture, Hanoi is an attractive destination for travelers. Therefore Hanoi has been voted 4th position in the top 25 destinations of Asia by Tripadvisor.

Many people think that Hanoi in Autumn is the most beautiful, but there is a fact that this is the only city in Vietnam with the most remarkable changes in different seasons and of course each season will bring its own beauty.

It is believed that: Through cuisine, people can understand comprehensively about the culture and characteristics of the people in that region. Mandarine was born with the desire to bring you the most complete feelings about Hanoi flavors and turn the way to Hanoi closer than ever.

Pan Fried Fish “Ho Doan” Style

Buncha Obama

Quietly hidden in a pretty small road, Mandarine has always the proud and ancient beauty as a mystery place for many years. Designed by the old Northern architecture with the village gate with the menu is a quintessential collection of 3 regions of cuisine such as Pan Fried Fish “Ho Doan” Style, Buncha Obama…

Mandarine would like to invite you to experience the feeling of returning to an ancient Vietnamese culture, especially the beauty of Hanoi, to relax in a space of the luxurious wooden house and enjoy the Vietnamese culinary.

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