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Vietnam – The beautiful tropical country always attracts tourists by the majestic landscapes and the unique culture.

Saigon’s Summer season shows up as a beautiful but kinky girl. The sudden summer rains make the mood of Saigon more grumpy. However, the summer season is always the most beautiful time of the year to see the full beauty of the flower seasons throughout Vietnam.

Inspired by the colorful and full of natural beauty, Mandarine calms Saigon’s mood with a more pleasant summer version with the menu “Sunshine Blossom” as a lovely message to our beloved customer.

Using the fresh fruit and vegetables – specialties of the summer at hometown, the dishes seem to be simple but through the skillful hands and the creativity of the chefs Mandarine, the Summer Flavors illustrated in the most realistic and vivid way.

The yellow pumpkin flowers with bright yellow, sweet plums or the ocean flavor from the big lobster so that cleverly transformed to become a living masterpiece, a joyful remix of taste. Your journey flavor becomes perfectly with the Complimentary Happy Ending – Table Side Coffee Topped with Liquor Touch.

Not only satisfy guests in the finest cuisine but Mandarine also brings interesting surprises by meticulous carvings in your emotions with the space specially prepared for “Sunshine Blossom”.

The bright radiance of the sun is in every Mandarine corner, from the design details to the radiant flowers that prepared elaborately.

he Sunshine Blossom program starting officially from June 10th to July 10th, 2019 with many interesting surprises will surely make you fall in love with Mandarine summer immediately.

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Menu Sunshine Blossoms

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